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Our goal at Subtech Subaru is to ensure you get the service you need in a timely and affordable manner. We are happy to provide some answers to some of our most frequently asked questions in regard to our available Subaru parts and servicing.
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How often should I service my Subaru?

This depends on what model you have and its condition, however as a guide:
  • Every 10,000 km or six months on vehicles manufactured before 2009 
  • Every 12,500 km or one year on vehicles manufactured after 2009
  •  Turbo and diesel models or heavy use may require additional servicing 

Why is it necessary to service my cam belt? 

If your cambelt breaks, it can often cause internal damage to the motor, which is expensive to fix. Generally your cambelt and components should be replaced every 100,000 km.
Should I use genuine Subaru parts? 

Generally speaking, Subtech always recommends installing genuine parts. Sometimes aftermarket parts can provide additional performance. We recommend discussing your specific requirements, so we can offer the best possible solution.

What does a service cost and how long should it take? 

 Until we can inspect the vehicle we often won’t know exactly what is required, so time and price can vary. A typical servicetakes around two hours, with the approximate price being $280-$300 + GST.

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