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Here at Subtech Subaru in Auckland, we make the process of servicing a Subaru quick and easy, by providing prompt service and straightforward advice. You can find some handy tips about maintaining your vehicle in between services on this page.
Maintaining your Subaru at home

 Even with scheduled servicing, your Subaru may need extra maintenance. There are many indicators you can look for, including reduction in engine performance, a leak under the vehicle and a spongy feeling brake.

Maintaining your tyres 

Checking the air pressure in your tyres can ensure safety and minimise costs, and can be done at least once a month or before a long journey. You can also rotate your tyres at each service, which will extend their life and promote even wear. 
Monitoring your engine oil

 Engine oil levels should be checked every month or 500kms (whichever comes first). This involves topping up your engine with the specified type of oil in small increments and checking periodically.
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Monitoring your engine coolant

 Coolant levels should be checked at the radiator cap and the overflow bottle,once a week or every 500kms during a fuel stop.Only check coolant under the radiator cap when the engine is cold and only top up using the same type of coolant. If unavailable, use distilled water. 
Monitoring your windscreen washer fluid 

Check and top up your washer fluid every week, and for best results add windscreen washer additive.

Maintaining your air conditioning

When your air conditioning is in use you may notice a small decrease in power and a slight increase in fuel consumption. To ensure consistent operation, you should switch your air conditioning on for 5-10 minutes once every two weeks, to lubricate the air-conditioner system seals.

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