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Providing a complete health check

Coming to Subtech Subaru for Subaru servicing is the ultimate experience. Going far beyond the typical oil and filter change, we will provide a complete health check. Due to our intimate knowledge of Subaru’s, we can identify and rectify all common issues before they become major problems. We save many of our customers in Auckland a lot of time and money. You can email us at for more information or check out our Trademe store for sales
  • Standard replacement brake pads and discs
  • High temperature race pads
  • Slotted and drilled discs
  • Synthetic race brake fluid

Clutch replacement

Available for turbo and non-turbo vehicles, we have models fitted with or without a dual mass flywheel. Our pricing includes GST, parts and labour, and is as follows:
  •  Subaru Impreza, Legacy or Forester - $1127
  •  Subaru Legacy GTB (converts from dual mass to solid flywheel) - $1860 ď‚·Subaru Impreza STI – POA 
  • Performance and heavy duty options available on request
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  • Hydraulic belt tensioner
  • Idler (smooth type) x 2, idler (toothed type), idler (small #3 type) Water pump, gasket, thermostat and seal
  • Crankshaft seal and oil pump o-ring, if necessary 
  • Camshaft seals, if necessary (add $150 + GST) 
  • Cambelt kit replacement – $1127 (includes GST, labour and new coolant)
Transmission servicing

Our transmission servicing is performed on a flush/exchange machine with the vehicle running. Prices start at $295 + GST, including nine liters of synthetic transmission fluid, additive, filter and labour. 
Diagnostic servicing and system delete

We have the latest factory Subaru diagnostic equipment for ECU scanning, fault finding, data logging and adjustments.Diagnostic system delete is a process of deleting a portion of fault codes from a vehicles ECU programme.


At Subtech, we are experienced in modifying and upgrading Subaru’s, from exhaust systems to sway bars and shock absorbers.

ECU tuning and remapping
In partnership with Top Gear Tuning UK, we can unleash the hidden potential of your vehicle’s ECU, making it more responsive, powerful and in many cases more fuel efficient.

Front down pipe 

We can supply and fit de-catted downpipes for most Subaru models. Subtech’s own front down pipe is designed to fit the 2003-2006 BL/BP Subaru Legacy GT.The pipe is only $520, while pipe and fitting is available for $685, including GST.

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